green and red vineyard

Green & Red Vineyard directs its farming practices to emphasize the particularity of the grapes from this many faceted piece of earth. Each vineyard receives different amounts of water determined by soil texture, depth and exposure to encourage root depth through varying soil strata. A no till native cover crop is mowed to minimize erosion. In row weeds are controlled mechanically and manually.  Crown suckering, selective leaf pulling, and cluster thinning focus intensity in the fruit.  Crop loads average 2-3 tons per acre

ZINFANDEL fruit is destemmed, not crushed. 3 days cold soak and 9 days in open top fermenters. Aged 13 months in 50% American oak (20% new) 50% French oak.

SAUVIGNON BLANC is whole cluster pressed and then cold fermented at 54 degrees for 3 weeks. 20% barrel fermented in French Oak. 80% tank fermented. Stirred on the lees during 6 months barrel aging. No maloactic fermentation

Tip Top Vineyard

Elevation: 1400-1800ft
Acres: 15 – Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Sirah
Exposure: North East
Soil Type: Sobrante, Chert, Greenstone Gravel
Trellis: Vertical cordon and head trained

Catacula Vineyard

Elevation:1200ft - 1400ft
Acres: 9 – Sauvignon blanc Musque clone, Zinfandel,
Syrah, and Petite Sirah
Exposure: North East
Soil Type: Sobrante Gravel Loam
Trellis: Vertical Bilateral Cordon

Chiles Mill Vineyard

Elevation: 1000ft – 1200ft
Acres: 7 – Zinfandel and Sauvignon blanc Musque clone
Exposure: North West
Soil Type: Sobrante Gravel
Trellis: Vertical Bilateral Cordon

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