green and red vineyard


Owners: Pam and Jay Heminway

APPELLATION: Napa Valley - “Chiles Valley District”


Land purchased in 1970
First planting 1972
Winery Founded 1977
Chiles Mill Vineyard Planted 1972 Replanted 1992-98
Catacula Vineyard Original plantings 1890s redeveloped in 1981-83.
Tip Top Vineyard Planted 1996-97
Cave Dug 1998

VINEYARDS: 31 Acres estate vineyards:

"Chiles Mill" 1000-1200 ft elevation, 7 acres
"Catacula" 1200-1400 ft elevation, 9 acres
"Tip Top" 1400-1800 ft elevation, 15 acres

OUR LABEL is adapted from a wine chalice painted by Exekias in the 6th century B.C. depicting the Homeric “Hymn to Dionysus” wherein he is abducted by pirates. Against the better advice of the helmsman, who recognized the god of wine, the pirates tried to bind Dionysus, whereupon he changed into a raging lion.

" broke out, babbling,
bubbling over their speedy black ship,green and red
it was sweet, it was fragrant,
its odor was divine.
Every sailor who saw it
was terrified.
a vine sprang up,
on each side,
to the very top of the sail.
And grapes, all over,
clung to it...

...They all jumped ship
into the sea, they jumped
into the divine sea.
They became dolphins."

Translated by
Charles Boer